Leaving education with predominately art and design based grades I went to college to study Graphic Design and quickly took a likening to how I could use my artistic skills and develop it into a craft on the computer. I followed up college with University, leaving with a BA in Digital Art and Graphic Design, then that was me, out in the real world.

At that time I was 21 and wanted to be my own boss, so I started up my own clothing business knowing that I could use my skills to create the designs for the products we were going to sell. Fast forward 6 years and that business developed and turned into a fast-paced e-commerce retailer, importing and exporting across the globe. With the employment of 8 members of staff and the opening of 2 retail stores, one in London and one in Glasgow, this really gave me the knowledge of knowing what it took to create a successful brand.


Having now turned my attention to graphic design, I not only have the skills to help implement this in my client's business but also the experience in knowing what design steps it takes to get there. My style of work is minimalistic, with the design rule that less is always more. I focus on the important elements of my client's business and aim to create simple and bold pieces of work.

The benefits being a brand with a clean image is easily taken in by potential customers. The less clutter surrounding the branding or web design, the less your eye wanders, and the more focus there is on what your business really has to offer. I've had the pleasure to work with small local start-ups all the way to tech companies across the globe. My client base is getting bigger every month and I'm always on the lookout for the next project.

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