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Updated: Jun 28

There are loads of designers offering web design services these days and it’s hard to compete with everyone offering the same service. So I decided a while back to keep it simple and hone my craft into designing websites that are quicker than the norm to make, are developed all on one platform and that can be easily edited by the client in the long run.

I have been using Squarespace, a template web design service, that lets you develop award-winning templates and present your ideas into a stand out professional website, portfolio, or online store that would match any custom-built coded site. The main advantages of using Squarespace when designing sites for my clients are as follows.

Customisable Layouts

Squarespace allows you to pick one of its award-winning layouts and then easily manipulate it depending on your needs with its drag & drop tool. This allows for images, text, contact forms, etc to be added, deleted and moved within seconds when designing. Settings, fonts, colors, and page configurations can all be edited at the click of a button which makes for a fully bespoke website, tailored to your business needs.

Mobile-Optimized Design

This is a big one, Squarespace optimises your site into mobile and tablet versions of the desktop site and will appear on a range of screen sizes. It allows for content to load quickly on mobile with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) from Google which in turn helps your SEO and bumps you up in the good search rankings.

Marketing Tools

Alongside having a slick website that runs on mobile and tablet, Squarespace offers excellent marketing tools to reach your customer base. They offer easy to build email campaigns, industry-leading SEO so you can be found by more people, more often and the best tool personally is Squarespace analytics. This offers insights into your visitors and their behavior through visual reports covering statistics like page views, conversion, popular content, and more.

With Free, unlimited hosting, fast content delivery, built-in security, mitigation techniques to protect your site from malicious traffic, super easy to edit platforms and all for a small monthly subscription fee, it’s a certainty if you're looking to bringing your business into the 21st century. Drop me a message today for prices.

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