• Jamie Stewart Mckinlay

Typography in Design

Updated: Jun 28

The importance of typography within a design is key, it's more than just the design of letters, it’s the detail in the layout and arrangement of each letter and how it all ties into the rest of a design.

It’s how well it showcases your brand and attracts the correct audience. Good typography should look and feel effortless and the long and tedious process of kerning the text should be unbeknown to the viewer's eye.

It's the small details that can define if your work is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, or if it just doesn’t sit right. The choice of typography and attention to detail ultimately determines the good and bad design. Some key points I like to stick to are;

Using the same typeface throughout a project to help keep a sense of consistency.

Creating an identity with the typeface that is recognisable to the viewer.

Setting the tone with the type of font that is being used to convey a message.

Creating a comfortable but aesthetically pleasing reading experience.

With a few simple pointers and good vision, you should be more than confident when tackling typography.

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