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Updated: Jun 28

I’ve been specialising in branding & logo design now for the past ten years or so and over the years I have learnt loads of different techniques, styles and tricks into creating one-off unique logos for a vast array of different clients.

One key skill that I can't stress enough is simplicity in design is key. I have first-hand experience of how overcomplicating your branding hinders you in many ways.

So I’m going to run through the process of how I create branding for my clients.

Step 1

When I receive a project to create branding for a business I always go through an initial process of having the client gather reference images of logo styles they like so that when creating the initial mockup I can base the look and feel of the reference images. This is a no brainer, as it gives the client what they want almost always first time. 

Step 2

Once I have all the information and reference images I then research, research, research. I’m looking for everything to do with the business, everything to do with its competitors branding, graphic design trends in 2019 and any imagery relating to the name provided that I can spin and use within the logo to give it that extra dimension.

Step 3

Now the designing can begin, I start off by using the initial reference images to source the best typography that is going to compliment the businesses look, feel and name. This is the body of the logo and it needs to be strong enough to stand alone as a design. I then use my research of the imagery relating to the name or what the business does to add in that extra dimension which in turn then takes the design to the next level.

Step 4

Once I have the design nailed down it’s then to the colour palette. This can make or break a good design so it needs to be spot on. I usually tend to stick to 2 or 3 colours max as any more just muddies the design. Once I’ve got the colours, mixed in with the logo it’s then time to present to the client!

So If your a start up in need of branding or an established company looking to re-brand drop me an email and I can get to work.

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